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Management Team

Michael HapkeMortgage Broker/CEO and Founding Partner

Frank NapolitanoMortgage Agent- Level 2 / Founding Partner

Sheri CreeseMortgage Broker / President

Sandi WilliamsonMortgage Agent L2/Manager, Sales Support Team

Terri-Lyn MasonDirector of Finance

Ottawa Sales Team

Derek ArtichukMortgage Agent- Level 2

Darren Keck, AMPMortgage Agent- Level 2

Lisa Belanger, BAMortgage Broker

Dorothy Smith, AMPMortgage Broker

Kim Powell-Steele, AMPMortgage Broker

Cathy MacdonaldMortgage Agent- Level 2

Leo Maiorino, BAMortgage Agent- Level 2

Scott Hunter, AMPMortgage Agent- Level 2

Vince Adams, PFPMortgage Agent- Level 2

Alexia FerdinandMortgage Agent - Level 1

Josie MourtosMortgage Agent- Level 2

Tracey Enright, AMPMortgage Agent - Level 1

Zeena NejarMortgage Agent- Level 2

Karen McLeishMortgage Agent- Level 2

Jennifer AndersonMortgage Broker / Team Hapke

Scott LafrangeMortgage Agent- Level 2

Tom Moore, BSc., MBAMortgage Agent - Level 1

Bob Verdon, BAMortgage Agent- Level 2

Christine EarleMortgage Agent - Level 1

James LeitchMortgage Agent- Level 2

Jocelyn CramptonMortgage Agent - Level 1

Jason RolstonMortgage Agent - Level 1

Dan KarpinskiMortgage Agent - Level 1

Josh Gray, BA, PFPMortgage Agent- Level 2

Jackie GrinnellMortgage Agent- Level 2

Jason DashnayMortgage Agent - Level 1

Jeanette Oliver, AMPClient Care Mgr, Team Belanger/Mortgage Agent- L2

Kimberley BarresiMortgage Agent- Level 2

Adam GirouxMortgage Agent- Level 2

Andria McKeown-Burnie, CFPMortgage Agent- Level 2

Anisa Lancione, AMPCMortgage Broker

Antonios "Tony" GeorgiouMortgage Agent - Level 1

Ashley MaiorinoMortgage Agent- Level 2 / Client Care Co-ordinator

Brian CorkMortgage Agent- Level 2

Carla McVeighMortgage Agent- Level 2

Dan MawsonMortgage Agent - Level 1

Daniela VitaglianoMortgage Agent- Level 1

Daren SedoreMortgage Agent - Level 1

Darren WalkerMortgage Agent- Level 2

David AndreMortgage Agent - Level 1

Denis FournierMortgage Agent - Level 1

Eric EnderMortgage Agent- Level 2

Erin MacDonellMortgage Agent- Level 2

Farzeen KaraMortgage Agent- Level 1

Fiad Pancham, PFPMortgage Agent - Level 1

Fiorella De GraziaMortgage Agent - Level 1

Franco BriglioMortgage Agent- Level 1

Harry SzutoMortgage Agent - Level 1

Jay KingsburyMortgage Agent- Level 2

Jeff HayesMortgage Agent- Level 2

Jeffrey Adams, AMPMortgage Agent- Level 2

Julie LeducMortgage Agent- Level 2

Karen YoungsMortgage Agent- Level 2 / Team Napolitano

Katrina NapolitanoMortgage Agent- Level 2

Kulothungan SachithananthamMortgage Agent- Level 2

Kyle MillerMortgage Agent- Level 2

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Lama Sayed-AliMortgage Agent- Level 1 / Associate- Team Artichuk

Lilianne EidMortgage Agent - Level 1

Luca GuercioMortgage Agent - Level 1

Lynn Fournelle-ClareMortgage Broker

Melissa DoxeyMortgage Agent- L 1 / Leader, Cust. & Broker Exp.

Michael NapolitanoMortgage Agent- Level 1

Michael WilliamsMortgage Agent- Level 1

Mukesh KhullarMortgage Agent- Level 1

Paul SpadacciniMortgage Agent - Level 1

Paula WhiteMortgage Agent- Level 2 / Team Artichuk

Rachel ClermontMortgage Broker / Regional Partner - Orleans

Renelle CochraneMortgage Agent- Level 2

Reni McNeilMortgage Agent- Level 2

Rose Di FazioBroker AB, Level 1 ON

Sally LitzMortgage Agent - Level 1

Sam Himyary, B.Sc., CFPMortgage Agent- Level 1

Sandi WilliamsonMortgage Agent L2/Manager, Sales Support Team

Sarah LevineMortgage Agent- Level 2

St├ęphanie BarbeauMortgage Agent- Level 1

Stefano NapolitanoMortgage Agent- Level 1/ Assoc.- Team Napolitano

Stefano ProvenzanoMortgage Agent- Level 2

Sue McIntyreMortgage Agent- Level 2

Tammy GravelineMortgage Agent- Level 1

Tyler RossMortgage Agent- Level 2

Hunt Club

Virginia HydeMortgage Agent- Level 1 / Fulfillment Specialist

Sales Support Team

Jennifer AndersonMortgage Broker / Team Hapke

Kay KohliAdministrative Support

Jennifer PuglieseAdministrative Support

Andrew HillMortgage Agent Level 1 - Operations and Tech Admin

Colin PostSales & Marketing Coordinator

Coreen StottFulfillment Specialist

Karen YoungsMortgage Agent- Level 2 / Team Napolitano

Kathy FindlayFulfillment Specialist

Kerri MartinCommissions

Leah LaroseMortgage Agent- Level 1/ Underwriting Specialist

Lyonel ZietsmanWebsite & Database Programmer

Melissa DoxeyMortgage Agent- L 1 / Leader, Cust. & Broker Exp.

Nella LeporeFulfillment Specialist

Shelby LecotAdministrative Support

Virginia HydeMortgage Agent- Level 1 / Fulfillment Specialist